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Unless otherwise stated, all events, programmes, classes and courses take place at the London Shambhala Meditation Centre in Clapham. Please see Location Map for directions. Evening sessions usually begin with a short session of meditation.

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Saturday 4 April

Parinirvana Day - Celebrating Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

On the anniversary of the parinirvana (death of an enlightened being) of the Vidyadhara, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the whole community is invited to practice the profound Sadhana of Mahamudra, including the feast section of this practice which is usually reserved for advanced students. This is the only real feast practice that all members of the community can practice together. There will be a celebratory period during the feast section where poems, songs, dances and other remembrances of the Buddha activity of the founder of Shambhala are offered.


Please consider participating in this special event and adding your presence to what may well be a formative experience for many newer practitioners. If you haven't had the opportunity yourself to attend the parinirvana sadhana practice in recent years you have missed out on a well-attended and moving experience. The message and insight from this special evening of practice continues to be appropriate and powerful. Also listening to practitioners, old and new, expressing their fresh and heartfelt connection to the Vidyadhara is a great delight.


IMPORTANT: Please register by the 2nd of April so we know how many to cater for the feast. 

Contact to register or to offer help with feast preparation or if you have questions or would like to offer a poem, song or preformance.

All are welcome


The Sadhana of Mahamudra is a tantric meditation text practice open to the whole Shambhala community, performed on the new and full moon days of the lunar calendar. The practice consists of meditation and chants, and lasts about an hour. Sadhana may be translated as "means of accomplishment." The Sadhana of Mahamudra was written in 1968 by Trungpa Rinpoche at Taktsang in Bhutan, in a cave where the great Tibetan Saint Padmasambhava meditated--a site held in great reverence in Buddhism. The Sadhana is the result of Trungpa Rinpoche's exposure to both Western spiritual materialism and the wisdom of the traditional Buddhist approach to reality. The Sadhana of Mahamudra has been acknowledged as terma, which is Tibetan for "treasure" and refers to authoritative religious literature said to have been preserved in hidden places to be recovered at a point in time when needed by the world.

As a sadhana that combines the Kagyu mahamudra tradition of Karma Pakshi with the Nyingma ati tradition of Dorje Trolo, this is a unique upaya ("skillful means") that speaks directly to overcoming the three lords of materialism of our current age. Its essential teaching is that the nature of the practice itself undercuts any ideas of spiritual materialism.

Start time 6.30pm

A contribution of £10 towards food and drink is suggested


Sunday 29 March

Young People's Meditation Group

A chance for young people aged 6-11 years old to learn the simple human practice of meditation and apply it to their daily lives of friends, school and family. Meditation can help us work with difficult emotions, develop a grounded connection to ourselves, and notice and enjoy the richness of our world.

We learn and practice sitting meditation, mindful movement and the expressive arts. The group will be led by Ali Warner.

A meditation session for adults will run at the same time in a separate room. Open to all parents. Meditation instruction will be available. Adult session offered by donation.

Ali Warner is a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and is committed to bringing the meditative arts into children'’s education. She has taught meditation and embodied musicianship in schools, and is the Director of Shambhala London. 

Contact for more information

Timings: 1.30pm - 3.00pm followed by tea and snacks

Cost: free of charge. Suggested donation for adult session £5.

Sunday 29 March

Singing Group

Join us for a monthly practice of exploring our voices through vocal exercises, and simple traditional songs and chants.

Inspired by the celebrated polyphonic songs of Georgia in the Caucasus, we will practice making sound in a way that enriches our connection to ourselves and others. All welcome. No experience of singing necessary.

This group will be led by Ali Warner.

Ali Warner is a meditation student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and follows the teaching of Frank Kane with his mastery of embodied voice through the study of ancient singing practices. She sings traditional song and experimental free improvisation, and continues to explore how the expressive voice can strengthen communities.

Contact for more information

Timings: 5pm - 8pm

Cost: £5 (concessions available)

Friday 17 to Sunday 19 April

Singing Ourselves

A Voice Workshop with Frank Kane

Join us for an exploratory workshop that will allow us to release untapped vocal resources and deepen the connection to our voices, to each other, and to ourselves.

Our voices are an essential part of our experience of being human.

Many of us know the satisfaction of a good conversation, the pain of an argument, the delight of laughter, the sharpness of feeling silenced.

Ancient cultures respected and celebrated the power of sound to nourish the growth and development of people and communities, where songs and chants were used to empower work on the land, childrearing, physical healing and sacred practice.

In this weekend, we will use simple vocal exercises and the celebrated polyphonic songs of Georgia in the Caucasus as a laboratory in which to expand the strength and depth of our voices and ourselves.

Students of all levels of experience are welcome. No experience of singing necessary.

Frank Kane
is a master teacher of voice. He has studied Georgian polyphonic song, music & culture as well as energetic resonance and body-mind disciplines.  Frank has developed a distinctive approach using ancient Georgian chants as a medium of vocal expression and path of self-discovery and exploration; transforming the patterns that constrict the voice and leading us beyond the familiar.

There will be a feast with toasts & songs on Saturday evening for weekend participants. A simple lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday and there will be a small reception at the end of the weekend on Sunday evening. £10 contribution for the feast if attending.

Registration: Please send a cheque for full payment or £30 deposit made payable to the London Shambhala Meditation Centre to 27 Belmont Close, London, SW4 6AY or call +44 (0)20 7720 3207+44 (0)20 7720 3207 to make a card payment by phone.

For further information & concessions please contact:

Timings: Friday 7.30-9.30pm, Saturday 9.30am Coffee & Arrival/10am-6pm, Sunday 9.30am Coffee & Arrival/10am-5.30pm followed by small reception

Cost: £160, £130 if registering by 10 April 2015, £90 concession available on prior application

Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 April

Emptiness and Compassion

Entering the Mahayana Path

During this weekend we will discuss how we engage with the suffering of others and learn to serve our world. This can seem remote and daunting; yet also simple and immediate. As Trungpa Rinpoche wrote: “Compassion develops from Emptiness because we have nothing to hold onto, nothing to work with, no project, no personal gain, no ulterior motives. Therefore whatever you do is a clean job. So compassion and Emptiness work together”.

Shastri Peter Conradi, author of Going Buddhist, will teach from Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, a comprehensive presentation of the three-yana journey of the Buddhist path. This weekend offers further teachings on the Profound Treasury of Dharma.

There are no prerequisites for this weekend, lunch will be provided on both days.


For registration, information and concessions please email:

Saturday/ Sunday: 9.30am-6pm

Cost: £160, £130 if registering before 12 Apr, £90 concession

Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 May

Qi Gong

Balancing Body and Mind with Acharya Samten Kobelt

Cultivate strength of body and calmness of mind through the practice of Qigong. Experience increased vitality and radiant good health through this ancient Chinese system of movement exercises. Qigong is used as a tool to build the foundation for sitting meditation. This is an opportunity to receive instructions on two remarkable Qigong lineages: the lineage of Xientianwujimen and the lineage of Yiquan. No previous knowledge is required.

In level 1

Students will be in instructed in various techniques of outer and inner Qigong. Outer Qigong is concerned with strengthening the muscular-skeletal system: joints, muscles, tendons, bones, and spinal column. Techniques of tendon changing, marrow washing, self-massage, and calisthenics will be taught. Inner qigong is concerned with nourishing the internal organs and cultivating Qi. Students will learn sleeping and walking qigong as well as standing qigong.

In level 2

The focus will be on tendon changing and self-massage. The Twelve Devas Tendon-Changing system and the Nine Self-massage system will be taught in its entirety. This course is the foundation for a progressive program of Qigong instruction presented by Eva Wong and authorized instructors, exclusively through Shambhala Centres.

Acharya Samten A. Kobelt was born and raised in Switzerland. Throughout his life he has engaged in body-mind disciplines of both eastern and western origin, such as Bugaku (Japanese dance), Lujong (tibetan yoga) and Contemplative Dance (developed at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado). He presents Qigong from the Lineage of Eva Wong with whom he studied since 2005. He has taught Shambhala and Buddhism as well as Qigong and Contemplative Dance in many places, including the US, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.


For registration, information and concessions please email:

Saturday & Sunday 9am-5.30pm

£160/ £130 if registered by 26th April/ £90 concessions

Friday 5 to Sunday 7 June

Chariot of Mahamudra

An intensive practice weekend using guided meditation and silence. Highly useful for tantrikas, it is also appropriate for all students who are serious about deepening their shamatha and vipashyana practice. This programme will be taught by Acharya Richard John

Acharya Richard John is an early student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Richard was appointed an acharya by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. He completed the first three-year group retreat at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia. Richard has taught Shambhala Buddhist programmes in the USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Chile for many years; he is now a full time teacher. Acharya Richard John and his wife Liz reside in Halifax, Canada.

Cost: £160, £130 if registering before 29 May, £90 concession


Monday 13 April

Open House Talk: Are we Truly Human?

with Acharya David Hope



What do we mean by ‘being human’, beyond the biological definition? Is human nature good or not, and how far do we live up to its possibilities? How is humanness different from humaneness?


This talk will explore our assumptions about these terms that we often take for granted.


Acharya David Hope has been a student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for the past 30 years. He helped establish the London Shambhala Centre and has taught widely in Europe and many countries worldwide. He lived for several years with his wife, Christina de Block near Dechen Chöling. The couple recently returned to the UK.



7.30pm: Arrival 8.00-9:30pm: talk and discussion

Cost: Suggested donation £3

Friday 1 May

Open Evening: Balancing Body and Mind

with Acharya Samten Kobelt


Taster Evening at the London Shambhala Centre. This evening will give an insight into the weekend programme of Qi Gong on the 2 - 3 May. What is this ancient Daoist practice and how can it benefit us?  


Acharya Samten A. Kobelt was born and raised in Switzerland. Throughout his life he has engaged in body-mind disciplines of both eastern and western origin



Open from 7.30pm, 8.00-9:30pm: meditation, talk and discussion

Suggested donation: £5


Tuesday 7 April to Tuesday 5 May

Meditation in Everyday Life

An introductory evening course over five weeks

This five week evening course provides tools and teachings for working with meditation in everyday life. With simple instructions and support, mindfulness meditation can become part of our everyday lives and reveal our innate stability, clarity and strength.

Meditation in Everyday Life is one of the main introductions to meditation that we offer and we highly recommend it for anyone interested in meditation, Buddhism or Shambhala. It is suitable for complete beginners and can also provide fresh inspiration for those who may already have some experience of meditation within their own spiritual traditions.

This course is also one of the first parts of the evening course curriculum from the Way of Shambhala, an ongoing training in meditation and how we can use Buddhist teachings to awaken to our inherent potential. This programme will be taught by Shastri Jane Hope and Sid Liddall

Jane Hope is a long-term student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, and a founding member of the London Shambhala Meditation Centre. She has been appointed by the Sakyong as a 'shastri', or senior teacher, for the UK and the Ukraine.

Sid Liddall is a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and currently teaches computer science. He has had various careers including shiatsu massage, web development and tree surgery and is particularly inspired by social and environmental transformation.

Read more about the Way of Shambhala


For information and concessions please email:

To pre-register please call 020 7720 3207020 7720 3207 to make a card payment over the phone or send a deposit of £20 payable to: 'The London Shambhala Meditation Centre' c/o London Shambhala Meditation Centre, 27 Belmont Close, London, SW4 6AY

Dates: Tuesdays 7, 14, 21, 28 Apr and 5 May


Timings: Arrival 7.15pm, start 7.30pm finish 9:30pm

Programme cost: £110/ £80 if registered by 1st April/ £60 concessions prior to application

Thursday 21 May to Thursday 25 June

How Can I Help? The Basic Goodness of Society

'How Can I Help? The Basic Goodness of Society' is the second of three courses collectively called the Basic Goodness Series which offers us a powerful journey through the complete view and experience of basic goodness - our personal experience, our experience with others, and our relationship with the reality of life itself.

This second course asks the question, “How can I help?” and explores our relationships with others, an aspiration to help our world, and specific aspects of social transformation. We look at a Shambhala understanding of society, and what enlightened society may be. Is society something that is ultimately confused, or is there goodness in human society? 

The course focuses on transforming four aspects of society:  relations with family (household), professional life, entertainment, and economy. We learn the traditional mahayana practice of “sending and taking” (tonglen).

In general the Basic Goodness Series presents teachings in an experiential way, with an emphasis on understanding the view and meaning of these teachings, and how they can be applied to our lives. They are intended to create learning communities where we can come together and reflect on our own experience and the world.

In addition to welcoming us into an experience of the wakefulness and dignity of being human, the Basic Goodness Series is also describing the underlying understanding of a social revolution. Shambhala vision is not limited to individual awakening; it is a vision for human society and “shifting” human history.

Each course consists of six classes. This course is open to all. Both newer and seasoned practitioners could find these courses meaningful and enriching. This course will be taught by Acharya Orhun Cercel.

Acharya Orhun Cercel has been meditating since 1990 and is a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. His varied career has taken him from investment banking to psychotherapy and acupuncture. He spends much of his time travelling in Europe teaching Shambhala programmes.


Dates: 21, 28 May 4, 11, 18, 25 June 2015

To pre-register please send a deposit of £20 payable to: 'The London Shambhala Meditation Centre' c/o London Shambhala Meditation Centre, 27 Belmont Close, London, SW4 6AY or call 0207 720 3207 to arrange a card payment.

Timings: 7.15pm - 9.30pm, 7.15pm arrival and registration, 7.30pm class starts

Cost: £110 (early bird price £80 for registration by 14 May) £60 Concession


Friday 31 July to Sunday 9 August

Cultivating Warriorship

with Shastri Jim O'Neill and Shastri Peter Conradi

A nine day meditation retreat open to beginners and experienced meditators led by Peter Conradi and Jim O’Neill supported by Jude Hudson and Lee Howson, long-term students of Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

Bleddfa (near Knighton on Powys) offers both on-site accommodation in dorms and also camping in the orchard; while two tied cottages at Cwmygerwyn, within walking distance, provide individual rooms.

For further information email:

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